LifeSpring Daily 26 April 2020 Devotional

LifeSpring Daily 26 April 2020 Devotional


 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day; the night cometh, when no man can work; (John 9:4).

There is a need to work, to every progressive child of God. For you to record a landmark achievement in life, you must embrace work. Jesus Christ the son of the living God, The express images of God said it himself; I must work the works.;

This means that work is a must in the kingdom of God. He recognized that as a son of God, He must work. Jesus was a worker (labourer), and he said, my father worketh, hitherto I work; (John 5:17).

Many glorious destinies in life have been aborted because of laziness to work them out Paul said work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Push yourself the more. Put extra presence on yourself to achieve your aim.

Do not love sleep. So many people sleep too much and that is why they will stay indoor and allow the woman to go out and work while they sit at home waiting for her to return and ultimately will not allow the woman to rest at night, And this sometimes results to marriage breakups.

LifeSpring Daily 26 April 2020 Devotional

As a man, there’s more respect and honour for you when you go out and provide for your household. And as a woman, also support your husband. Do not say, he is the man, therefore, he should be the one to buy matches for the kitchen.

Some women have even gone ahead to change the scripture by saying if any man does not provide for his household, he is worse than an infidel. But the scripture says if any, it includes the man and the woman. (1 Tim. 5:8)

Embrace hard work for it is a pathway to greatness. If your hand is too clean to work, then it will be too dirty to eat. Do not be lazy. Do not love sleep if not you will become poor (proverbs 20:13). There was this young man who was in our ministry. Things were
not working for him and he came to me for prayers.

After much prayers and fasting, he received a call to come and take a bus and drive as his own and make a certain return after the week. And this man happens to be a very good driver. But he took the bus and gave it to someone else and will be home sleeping at home please daddy call him. To cut the strong short, he eventually. lost the vehicle, the owner took it from him and he became jobless again.

It pays to be a worker and a labourer. You may not see the result initially but it will show up eventually. I pray for you, that God will crown all your efforts with success in Jesus Name.


Oh Lord! crown all my efforts with your goodness Let me enjoy your favour in my labour in Jesus Name.


Now, I trust you must have been blessed by this devotional. Therefore, to maximize the benefit that is in Christ Jesus, you must, first of all, identify with Him. I invite you to make Jesus Christ the Lord over your life if you have not before now surrendered your life to Him. Do well to make this confession:


“O Lord God, I believe with all of my heart in Jesus Christ, your beloved Son. I believe He died because of me and was raised from the dead. He’s alive today and I confess Him (Jesus Christ) as the Lord over my life from this day.

Lifespring Daily Devotional by Rev, Graceman Debo Adeleye, The Presiding Pastor of The Elites Church situated at 1 Ikwunga Lane, Off 30 Agudama Street, by Wogu Street, D/Line Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
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