LifeSpring Daily 28 March 2020 Devotional

LifeSpring Daily 28 March 2020 Devotional



And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free; John 8:32

Exploits in life and career are only achieved by knowledge. If you are still in bondage, it is because you don’t know what you should know. Knowing the truth is the step to freedom.

The truth is always constant. The Bible says that the devil is the father to all liers;

Then it means that God is the father of all truth. Knowledge can deliver the impossible to you.

Knowledge is a gateway to freedom. You can only negotiate your freedom through the key of knowledge.

As a child of God, if things are not the way they should be, your knowledge to address them. If you are sick in your body, you need the knowledge to deal with it in prayer by the word of

LifeSpring Daily 28 March 2020 Devotional

Knowledge is so powerful that even what does not belong to you can become yours
through knowledge.

In Galatians 4:1 says; Now I say, that the heir, as long as he is a child, different nothing from a servant, though he is Lord of all.

This implies that what is rightly yours can be taken away from you if you don’t have the knowledge to claim it. I pray for you that the of God will rest upon you now in Jesus Name.

Jesus said in John 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and life: no man cometh unto the father,
but by me;

The knowledge of the truth you know is what guarantees your freedom here on earth. Jesus said, I am the truth, and it is written ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

LifeSpring Daily 28 March 2020 Devotional

This is to say that you shall know Jesus ( Truth & Knowledge) and He (Jesus), the truth you know shall make you free. There is no freedom anywhere except in Jesus Christ the living Son of God.

There was a boy, my classmate when I was in secondary school. The boy was a dullard in my class. Everybody knew him as a dull brain.

But something happened to him. He became born-again. He accepted Jesus Christ into his life as his Lord and personal Saviour, And all of a sudden, he became an extraordinary student.

His brain was sudden, he began to teach us in the class. He moved from a nobody to somebody

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Jesus is the answer to every question of bondage. He said in John 8:36;

Therefore if the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed;

Total freedom is in Christ Jesus. If you receive Jesus, you automatically receive wisdom; And your freedom is guaranteed.

Receive Him today and be transformed.

Maybe you have backslid, it is another opportunity to back again and operate in this realm of glory. I pray for you as you genuinely connect to Jesus, the knowledge needed to overcome shall rest upon you now! in
Jesus Name


Lord Jesus, I need you afresh today in my life today Lord increase me more in wisdom to
know you more in Jesus Name


Now, I trust you must have been blessed by this devotional. Therefore, to maximize the benefit that is in Christ Jesus, you must, first of all, identify with Him. I invite you to make Jesus Christ the Lord over your life if you have not before now surrendered your life to Him. Do well to make this confession:

“O Lord God, I believe with all of my heart in Jesus Christ, your beloved Son. I believe He died because of me and was raised from the dead. He’s alive today and I confess Him (Jesus Christ) as the Lord over my life from this day.

Lifespring Daily Devotional by Rev, Graceman Debo Adeleye, The Presiding Pastor of The Elites Church situated at 1 Ikwunga Lane, Off 30 Agudama Street, by Wogu Street, D/Line Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
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