I want to thank this Good God for His healing in my life. I have been battling with this low blood pressure for some time now. It got worse that I could hardly walk a little distance on my feet. When I got to the hospital the doctor said I was going to have a blood transfusion which was the only way that could guarantee my safety.

I had the transfusion as directed by the doctor, but didn’t get better, the blood level moved from 4.6-6 and later returned to 4.6 after the transfusion.

On this glorious Wednesday which happens to be our communion service, I managed to come to church as our papa was speaking. He said God said he is curing a blood-related issue right now!!

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I jumped and shouted amen, knowing it was me he was referring to. So after the service, I walked home myself not feeling anything strange, for the first time. So, I said it was amazing

The following day, I went to the hospital to do a check-up on myself, after the test, the result showed that the blood level which was as low as 4.6 moved to 11.6.

My health returned to normalcy and I am fit again.

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