I want to thank God of Life Embassy for healing me. For three years as a young girl, I had not seen my menstrual circle, and you know what it means for a girl not to see the flow for a month more or less for 3 years.

I was not pregnant because I am not married, and this became an issue and burden for me. I went to the hospital and was told nothing was wrong with me and thus, this made it more complicated.

On this fateful day, I came for sanctuary clean-up as we usually do weekly. I was asked to clean upstairs, where Daddy’s office is. I got there and lied down at the entrance of the office said “this is where your servant steps on as he goes into the office if truly he is called by you heal me of this plague”

Then, I also did the same thing at mummy’s office entrance. After rolling on that floor, I went home. That day happened to be a Wednesday after the evening service, as I got home the menstrual flow which I have not seen for three years, BUSTED out. I return all the Glory to God

Praise The Lord!!!


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